Wills, Succession & Estate Management

Our Consulting Firm can assist both local and international clients with a full range of estate planning services, including the drafting and the preparation of wills, property agreements, testamentary trusts and powers of attorney. In addition, we can provide administration services of a deceased’s estate. We can guide our clients to navigate through the estate administration process by defending any challenges to the deceased’s will and by resolving any other disputes which might prove harmful for their interests.

  • Probate and Administration: Guiding executors and administrators through the probate process, including obtaining the necessary court approvals to administer the estate of a deceased person.
  • Succession: Advising on the legal aspects of inheritance, asset distribution, and estate planning to ensure a smooth transition of your assets to your heirs.
  • Trusts: Assisting with forming, managing, and administrating trusts to protect your assets and provide for your beneficiaries.
  • Drafting of Wills: Drafting a valid Will, tailored to the client’s needs and wishes, in accordance with the Cypriot and international Wills & Succession Laws.