Company Management & Administration

Our Firm can assist you with increasing your business effectiveness and management, as we are able to undertake all the process of corporate administration on your behalf from the very beginning, including:

  • Company name approval;
  • Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Company incorporation;
  • Payment of all government fees;
  • Selection of registered office address;
  • Appointment of directors & secretary;
  • Appointment of local/registered agent (where applicable);
  • Register at the Tax/VAT Department;
  • Register for Social Contribution at the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance;

Our team can further undertake to assist you with all the statutory obligations for the maintenance of your Company, after its formation, and consult you on the annual compliance obligations as specified in the Companies Law, by:

  • Updating Company’s Particulars;
  • Filing Annual Returns and Financial Statements;
  • Obtaining Certified Copies/Certificates;
  • Updating the Register of Beneficial Owners;
  • Updating Charges & Mortgages Register;
  • Updating Receivership’s & Managementship’s Particulars;
  • Other Filings in the Registrar of Companies.