Banking Services

Enalian Consulting has established a trustworthy collaboration with a variety of Banks, EMIs and PSIs both in Cyprus and internationally, and thus we are able to assist our clients at every step towards successful opening and maintaining of accounts or private banking:

  • Confirm all the documentation that shall be submitted to the Bank or the licensed institution, including corporate and/or personal documents;
  • Verify all the Know Your Client documentation, in order to ensure that the client’s due diligence will be approved;
  • Complete all the Forms, which will then be approved and signed by the client;
  • Submit the full bundle of documents to the relevant Bank or licensed institution, and liaise directly with the appointed officer for any clarifications or further information that may be required;
  • Follow-up the account application process until the account is open and relevant account details are provided to the client.

Most importantly our experienced and skilled team can assist you with structuring your payments cash flow and optimise your banking management, by recommending you the most suitable and cost-effective institutions for the facilitation of your business.